Monterey, CA

Wedding videography

Our videography team at DC Events and Design uses the most up to date equipment and filming techniques to capture the authenticity of each special moment of your wedding and tell your story in a way that is cinematically engaging and captivating. The day of your wedding is one you never want to forget and fortunately, through our highly trained team and high quality videos never have to.

From the first dance to the first married kiss, we make sure that we capture all of the beautiful firsts that happen on a wedding day, as well as the funny moments that will make you laugh later, the sweet moments shared with family, and the beauty that surrounds you on your special day.

While photographs capture the wedding day beautifully and couples have keepsakes of their wedding for years to come with fantastically shot frames, there is just something about being able to go back and watch the moments as they happen. We understand how incredibly important wedding videography is for our clients that hire us and that is why we are committed to capturing everything that you would want to remember in a way that is true to you and your own unique style.

We always discuss beforehand with our couples which moments are most important to them and exactly what they are looking for when it comes to their wedding videography so their wedding videographer can approach the wedding day with those details in mind. Whether you'd like your wedding video to incorporate some of your favorite speeches from the reception or your vows from your ceremony, we always do our best to customize our wedding videos around each couple's vision and unique style. You are also welcome to just trust us to do what we do best. All of our wedding videographers are trained to capture not only the special moments you anticipate but also all those unexpected yet beautiful moments that are bound to happen on your wedding day.

As your friends and family gather around you to celebrate you and your partners love—love that will sustain you throughout the trials and tribulations of life—you will want to remember your wedding as a day like no other. You, your new partner, your friends and your family have never looked so good. Why not commemorate these beautiful hours with a video that you can watch again and again?

We at DC Events and Design have world class videographers. They will spend time with you, get to know you, and make sure the video of your wedding is exactly what you want. We employ a diverse range of video production techniques like camera angles, editing styles, filters, lenses and apertures to match your video to your wishes. We can turn your wedding video into a fairy tale, or a music video, or a story of modern day romantic love. No matter your demands, you will love showing this video to friends and family for years to come.

It's no challenge to find the perfect setting for your wedding film around Monterey. Countless stunning coastline sites offer beautiful scenes. Five beautiful beaches can be found around the city, and jagged, rocky cliffs breaks the coastline up in between. Inland from the ocean stretch miles of beautiful farmland, ranches, and orchards. As the sun sets in Monterey, the golden light that only shines down on California saturates every surface. Your wedding is going to look great. Wherever your ceremony occurs, our videographers will capture everything in beautiful detail.

When else will you find your great uncle dancing than at your wedding? Your videographer will record everyone letting loose at the reception. Whether it’s choreographed dances, games, and sweet moves from the kids, our videographers will put the best of everything together in a video that matches your style.

Years later, when you and your partner have started a family, or made amazing accomplishments together, you'll be able to click play and remember all the amazing moments that started everything. You'll be able to show your grandkids how people used to dance, brag to your friends and family who couldn't make it, and keep all the happiness and love of that amazing day in a file on your computer to pull out anytime you want to relive the magic of it all.

At DC Events and Design we offer the exclusivity that our clients are looking for to ensure that they have the most beautiful photos to look back on the day with, a wedding video that will make them smile every time they watch it, the lighting that makes the reception feel just right, and the music that makes them want to dance.