Your wedding will not be complete without photos. Not only does taking photos becomes a rule of thumb; it also documents every single moment in your special day. This is why a wedding photographer is so vital.

Who We Are?

We are a professional Sonoma wedding photography company, called DC Events and Design. We specialize in capturing images that are truly Sonoma. What does that mean? Sonoma itself offers a lot of great places that are good for a wedding. Couples may find these places astonishing.
On the other hand, just because a place is beautiful doesn't mean your photos will also be stunning. Places in Sonoma are unique, so it takes a specialist to capture the light and every angle perfectly to create those once in a lifetime photos.

There are many Sonoma wedding photographers out there, but our expertise is harmonious with what Sonoma has to offer. Our specialty is to provide natural light photos that can be turned into images with that fairy tale feel.

Our aim is to help you capture all of the little details that you have been preparing for months. DC Events and Design's shooting style is very journalistic, which means we get great shots of every event as they occur; capturing those candid moments in a way that is stunning.

What Is Special About Sonoma Photography?

Sonoma is known for being the winery center in California. Wineries in Sonoma are not just ordinary wineries. They are a combination of classic and modern wineries.

There are a lot of old wineries in Sonoma, which have become symbols of the county's rich culture and history. They are now becoming great destinations for many travelers around the world, and are highly sought after locations for weddings. All these stories created on your wedding day will not be handed down as beautifully without the kind of photography that compliments the style of these classic details. Sometimes, it takes a winery photographer to produce the photo that perfectly fits these details.

In Sonoma, there are many classic and romantic vineyards and rustic barns that can capture the heart of every couple. The ambiance is naturally made for weddings and honeymoons. However, such atmosphere will not necessarily be the same in photos if the photographer is not used to this style of wedding.

Since DC Events and Design specializes in wedding photography in the context of Sonoma, we decided to use our expertise to help couples get the best out of their wedding in Sonoma. We are good at winery photography and at any type of photography that is inherently Sonoma.

Our Work

Rather than tell you all the reasons to book with us, you should take a look at our gallery and allow our work to speak for itself. You will see in our gallery how we've captured those once in a lifetime shots in a way that is dreamy and fairy tale like.


There is no question that Sonoma is known to be a great wedding and honeymoon destination in California. The only challenge for you is to choose a Sonoma wedding photographer to complete your wedding. DC Events and Design are the ones you are looking for, and we are ready to help you make your Sonoma wedding memorable and just how you imagined.