Your wedding marks a day full of family and friends, love and celebration. It's not every day that your whole community gathers around you to commemorate you and your spouse's partnership. There will be tears, laughter, and plenty of moments that just can't be repeated. You won't want to miss a second of any of it. With DC Events and Design's photography services, you won't have to.

Our photographers are downright experts when it comes to weddings. We take time to get to know you, learn what it is you find funny and special, and we tailor our photographs to you. One of our specialties is natural light photography. We like nothing better than capturing that dreamy, fairy tale feeling in our pictures. All of our photographers have an amazing eye and are able to make even the simplest of things look absolutely spectacular.

The photos we take are always unique to each couple. Based on your preferences and your quirks, we're going to make your wedding look just the way that you want it to. With some subtle adjustments to aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings, we'll be able to get the exact mood you're after.

At DC Events and Design, we realize that not everyone is perfectly comfortable in front of a lens. Our photographers know tons of tricks to solve that problem. We're going to do a little more than tell your guests to 'say cheese.' Our years of experience have taught us how to make the most camera-shy people into natural models. With the right direction and charisma, we'll have your whole wedding party looking their best.

This is your wedding, and you've spent months or years preparing everything down to the smallest details. You've chosen the perfect invitations, decorations, venue, and activities. These details will look natural and amazing on the day of your wedding and will come together to create the perfect environment. We notice every last table setting, every bouquet arrangement and detail.

With the backdrop of Santa Barbara, it's not going to be too difficult to get the perfect shot. As the sun sets over the ocean, with the Santa Ynez Mountains to the east, everything is going to look absolutely stunning. Head down to the ocean for a photo shoot by the beach. The waves will be crashing, the pelicans will be flying overhead, and you are going to be looking your best.

Head inland and walk amongst the acclaimed Santa Barbara vineyards for some lush, shimmering greenery. The rows and rows of vines mixed with golden California light make for a simply stunning series of photos.

Your wedding day will come and go, but this amazing time will live forever in your wedding photos. DC Events and Design photographers will make sure that you'll have the best wedding photography possible. You'll be able to show these images to future generations so they'll know exactly how it all began. Years from now, all you'll need to do is open your wedding album, and you'll instantly be transported back to one of the most amazing days of your life and you'll be thankful that you chose DC Events and Design as your Santa Barbara wedding photographer to capture it all.