The ideal wedding location doesn't just pose as a beautiful area with lots of fun activities for guests; it's the setting to your love story. Whether it's in the hills, mountains and ridges of San Luis Obispo, amongst the rolling vineyards, or down by the rocks and sandy beaches beside the ocean, your wedding photographs are going to look amazing, especially with the right San Luis Obispo wedding photographer.

No one knows wedding photography in San Luis Obispo like DC Events and Design. Natural light photography is our specialty. We love giving photos that dreamy, fairy tale feel. With the jagged hills and mountains of the surrounding countryside, the vineyards to the south, and the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean on the coast, San Luis Obispo is home to some of the best lighting in the world. Your wedding photographs are going to absolutely glow. Between the stunning backdrops and magic captured on your wedding day there's no way for them not to.

This is your wedding we're talking about. You took months, even years to plan it, and we're going to make sure we represent every hour of your hard work with stunning images. From the grandeur of the ceremony down to that bouquet you took ages to select, our wedding photographers will capture every small and large detail.

Our photographers are unique in that they spend time getting to know you. They make sure to understand your style, your quirks, and all the small unique aspects of your personality that come together to make who you are. DC Events and Design photographers are artists when it comes to the way they are able to balance aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings to get that perfect, dreamy photo. We know how to make a photo capture the emotion of that exact moment, or create some dramatic irony that will make you laugh every time you see it.

Head down to the beach for a photo shoot amongst the sea lions and ocean spray. The balance of color amongst San Luis Obispo's beaches or rocky shores lends a quality to the picture that few other locations can match. Further inland, catch some shots amidst the beautiful SLO vineyards. With the sun setting behind the hills, the rows of grapes will lend a lush shimmer to your wedding album.

This is your wedding after all. You're going to look amazing, and our DC Events and Design photographers are going to make you look even better. Years later, when you and your partner have made it through several episodes in the adventure of life, you'll be able to look back and remember everything in crisp detail from the day that started it all.