You've waited a long time for your special day, and finding the perfect Portland wedding photographer will make everything as perfect as you've always expected. No matter where you're getting married, having a fairy tale feel to your ceremony always helps make things feel special. At DC Events & Design, we use natural lighting to help provide this unique feel for your wedding. You'll also appreciate the journalistic approach that we use to help capture all of the top moments of your special day. After all, you've spent a lot of time planning your wedding. Making sure everything is captured perfectly will help you cherish your memories of this event.

When you're selecting a wedding photographer, we know there are several things that matter in addition to the quality of the photos. In many ways, your engagement and wedding are a journey that you take as a couple. A perspective that tells the story of your wedding helps capture all of the excitement associated with your special day and invites others to share in your joy. When we take pictures of your wedding, you'll be able to share every moment from the close moments with family and friends before the ceremony to all the excitement of the reception.

Our photographers know how to use lighting to its fullest advantage so that you never feel as though your pictures will look fake in any way. We'll work hard to make sure that the pictures are authentic, unique and suit your style. In outdoor settings, the natural light has a major advantage, bringing everything into vivid color. When you're in an indoor setting, we use a combination of lighting methods to make the space for the ceremony and reception look just right. Because our photographers work hard to make everything look natural, you can be totally sure that you'll be happy with your pictures.

Because we know what goes into planning a wedding, our photographers will work hard to make sure we don't miss any little detail. You've put a lot of time and consideration into planning your ceremony, and you can have full assurance that we're giving your wedding the full attention it deserves. Each couple's wedding story is unique, and yours will be told in a way that respects your relationship's unique character. Everyone who plays a role in your special day will love your photos and enjoy having been part of such a special event.