One of the best things about weddings in Nashville are the many ways in which couples can show their love. You have the choice of a traditional chapel wedding or an informal wedding ceremony outdoors. If you have always dreamed of a formal reception at a swanky hotel, simply choose which hotel. Just as well, couples that favor smaller garden gatherings are equally welcome. Wherever you go, there is no shortage of musicians ready to serenade the newly married couple.

Because a wedding is considered a once in a lifetime personal event, it should be photographed extensively. More importantly, it should be photographed by an individual who understands all the elements that make up weddings. This doesn't mean just any photographer, but a trained professional who realizes how delicate the task of documenting a wedding truly is. While it is important to record large events of the ceremony, it is also necessary to take photographs of such things as a bride delicately adjusting her veil or the groom confidently shining his shoes.

Your wedding photographer must also know when to take photos and when to stand back. This allows for guests to feel at home despite the presence of a camera. Unfortunately, only experienced photographers know how to instinctively make even the most camera shy person comfortable. It also ensures that your wedding photo album will contain shots of friends and family that you'll prize forever.

DC Events and Design understands that Nashville wedding photography is not something to be handed off to just anyone. You're responsible for documenting someone and their family in the finest manner. When clients have suggestions, we listen and always try to incorporate these ideas into the finished product.

We're especially proud of our photography under natural lighting. This allows photography to reflect where the sun is in the sky and brings out the colors of Nashville's unique environment. It could be the golden glow of a sunset used as a backdrop behind a wedding party or a simple ray of light as it enters the chapel in a single beam. This is the difference between simple wedding photos and incredible wedding photography. Thank you for considering us to be your Nashville wedding photographer.