If there's anything that people remember about their trip to Memphis Tennessee, it's the people. They feel the warmth of the folks they meet from every walk of life. Each of these memories become colorful stories of their own and get retold often.

The photographs you take at your wedding in Memphis should be regarded in much of the same manner. No two of them are alike, much the way no two couples are alike. As much as you want a formal record of your special day, you also want your photo album to be filled with candid moments and reminders of the fun that was had by all.

This is precisely why you should never trust your Memphis wedding photography to anyone but a true professional. While friends and family members may offer to take your photos for free, this often winds up costing more in the end. Worst of all, it can leave you without a photographic record of your wedding festivities.

Our team at DC Events and Design understands why wedding photography is so important. We always know how to bring out the best in people, places and things when we photograph them. Our Memphis wedding photographers are additionally skilled in taking photographs with natural lighting. This is something you'll want if you are planning to have a ceremony or reception outdoors.

We offer several styles of wedding photography. Future brides and grooms are welcome to select the style that feel is right for them. As with the very best photography, each picture should reflect not merely a wedding but the individuals behind each sincere gesture.

Taking the right photographs is essential to documenting a story like a seasoned journalist. There are the big stories and smaller details, but in the end both are just as important. Whereas an amateur only takes the pictures, a skilled wedding photographer is able to capture the emotion of each moment in a way that is magical. That emotion and magic is something your wedding photos should never be without.