DC Events and Design is here ready to work with your venue to capture your wedding. Our photographers specialize in natural light photography, which gives your photos a dreamy, fairy tale feel. Our journalistic style of photography is perfect for both catching all the details you spent months planning, as well as the candid photographs that remind you of all the best moments on your wedding day. We make sure to catch all the best moments, planned and unplanned, so that your wedding memories are preserved.

Just as you spent time making sure your wedding is perfect, we will take the time to make sure the photographs are perfect. We will make sure all those essential moments are captured exactly how they happened. We will work with you to understand the feel of your wedding, and make sure that your style and personality is also captured along with each perfect moment. We work with both you and the venue to make sure we're in the right place to capture those candid moments, as well as capturing those timeless, traditional photographs you might want as well. Our Louisville wedding photographers are here to collect your wedding memories, so that all your attention can be on your friends, family and the love of your life on the day of your wedding. We're ready to take amazing pictures of the day you've dreamed about for years.

Our photos will frame you and your guests with a dreamy feel created by the fairy tale nature of natural light photography. We will work hard to capture your uniqueness as a couple, and the unique joy that happens in a wedding. Every shot you want, both traditional and custom to you, will be captured by our photographers. Our job is to have your joy show up in the photographs we take. The sample photographs on our site are great examples of what it looks like to capture the joy and love of a wedding in a photo, and that is what we will do for your wedding. Your personality and that of your guests, as well as the love you have as a couple will be on display in your wedding photographs.

Here at DC Events and Design, we will take pictures to preserve your memories. Having the correct photographer is important because the pictures we, as photographers, take will help you relive the moments of your wedding for years to come. We will capture the essence of your wedding for you to remember. As photographers, we take pride in capturing the people we photograph, and at your wedding, not only will special moments be captured in photos, but so will all the special people that are closest to you.