For journalistic photography that is there to capture both every detail you have spent months planning, as well as all the candid shots that make each wedding unique, choose DC Events and Design as your Lexington wedding photographers. We use natural light photography to give our photos a dreamy, fairy tale feel, and make sure to document the entire day. Each moment is preserved by our photographers as we work with your venue in order to make sure your wedding memories are captured perfectly.

Our photographers are trained to capture the emotions of your wedding on camera and make sure your style is embedded in the way that we edit each photo. Every moment you spent planning all the details will be rewarded with perfect photos of those same details you spent months planning. Just as your time has been spent making the wedding perfect, our time will be spent making your photographs perfect. We also make sure to get all the posed shots you want, both traditional shots and any unique ones you have in mind. We work with your venue to make sure every shot looks the best it can, and that the reasons you chose the venue come through in the pictures.

Your unique love story will come through in our dreamy, fairy tale pictures taken with natural light photography. We will also capture the joy as your guests share in your special day, and celebrate you as a couple. Every unique shot will be set in order to make sure that the feeling you want for your wedding comes through. Every shot you want, as well as those that appear by chance will showcase your unique style. Our photographers make sure to catch all the perfect candid moments that make your wedding one of a kind, so that you will feel the emotions of your wedding whenever you look at our pictures.

Pictures preserve memories. Here at DC Events and Design, we make sure that our photos preserve your memories and your unique style and love story. The right photographer is important, because photos help protect the memories of this special day for years to come. We are the right photographer, because we make sure to get to know you and your unique style so that your style comes out in each photo. We take pride in making sure your memories are preserved in our photographs and are a perfect representation of the day you spent a long time planning.