When considering which Knoxville wedding photographers to hire for your wedding be sure to hire the best wedding photographer you possibly can. Photography is a vital element of any special occasion, let alone a once in a lifetime wedding day event. While there are places where one can budget and substitute a lesser menu of services, your wedding photography is never one of them.

Unfortunately, too many couples find out this fact too late and regret their decision. They find themselves years later without a wedding album to proudly show to their children and grandchildren. They also have a hard time sharing the beauty of their romantic Knoxville wedding through social media with family, friends and co-workers.

Another great mistake is allowing family and friends to lend their photographic skills for free. While the price point for their services sounds right, the extent of their efforts will never be enough. It isn't how many photos you can take with your digital camera or smart-phone, it is the number of usable prints. This is probably the best example of how quality outweighs quantity every time.

Likewise, there are photographers who advertise their businesses both online and in the Yellow Pages. Many of these people tell you they run their own photo studios. What they fail to tell you, is how little experience they have actually documenting weddings and bridal social functions.

Another place where amateurs and inexperienced wedding photographers falter, is with outdoor lighting. The gentle seasons of Knoxville naturally lend themselves to outdoor events. To get the most beautiful photos, you definitely need a photographer well versed in taking pictures in natural light. Without this knowledge, your guests, the groom and especially a bride clad in white can appear unattractively pale.

This is why so many brides and grooms trust DC Events and Design when it comes to their wedding photography. The team at DC Events and Design has a variety of options for the happy couple to select from. You can even choose to have your wedding photographed with a fairytale like ambiance, giving every photo a dreamy viewpoint.
Wedding photography taken in natural light uses the light provided by nature to its best effect. The faces of the bride and groom seem to glow from within. Without the need to set up unnecessary exterior lighting equipment, it is also much easier to obtain those candid shots that viewers so greatly adore. Remember that while you can design a photo album, you certainly can't plan out how human emotions will evolve.

With the DC Events and Design team, your wedding photographer will highlight special events from beginning to end. Our photographers all have a very journalistic approach, allowing them to capture moments as they naturally happen without being intrusive in any way. There can be photos from your rehearsal and photos of guests spontaneously forming a riotous Conga line on the dance floor. You'll have photos taken as you say I do and when the time comes to wave goodbye as you head off on your honeymoon. Most importantly, you'll always have a photographic record to reflect on and share forever with those you love.