It's often said that beautiful wedding photos are derived from the smallest details that come from larger moments. Like how rays of light pour into a stained glass window or how the morning dew sits on the petals of a bridal bouquet. Shots that only a trained and experienced photographer knows how to feature amongst your precious wedding photos.

Sadly, many brides and grooms miss many of these photographic moments. They make the great mistake of hiring a photographer without learning how they actually perform behind the camera. While these people may make a living working with cameras, they are not necessarily trained event photographers. Their photographs do not tell a story or leave a trail of tender memories. Your wedding album becomes pages of photos and not the story of your love displayed in artistic fashion.

Worse yet are brides and grooms that neglect to hire a professional at all. They find themselves accepting offers from friends and relatives. In this regard, the word free should never be associated with quality. While your family and friends have the best of intentions, photographing a wedding for posterity is not something to be left to just any photographer.

You've chosen Gatlinburg as the place for the most important personal event of your life. Family, friends, neighbors and co-workers will all be there cheering you on. Don't trust this one day or event filled weekend to just anyone. A true wedding photographer doesn't get in the way of the action, he or she carefully records the action. So there's no chance of your photographer blocking your guests at the ceremony or interfering with your entertainment at the reception.

Think of the visual poetry that a wedding in Gatlinburg, Tennessee provides. Outdoor ceremonies and receptions in the Great Smoky Mountains should have a misty, dreamy approach. Indoor events must be photographed to match their surroundings. Photographs in a darkened chapel are not lit in the same way as those taken in a glittering ballroom. Remember it's not how many photos are taken, but the number of photographs you'll treasure.
An experienced Gatlinburg wedding photographer understands that even inanimate objects have the ability to tell a story all on their own. This could be a bridesmaid dress in the closet, a groomsman's bow-tie or a corsage just waiting to be pinned. It's a photograph of perfectly set tables or tall flutes of champagne lined up in a row.

You want a photographer who understands the dynamics of your event. How natural light brings out the beauty of the bride and her surroundings. When you display your wedding album or gaze at your wedding portrait, there should never be anything but sweet memories.
These are just a few reasons why we should be your wedding photograher in Gatlinburg. At DC Events and Design, we pride ourselves in specializing in wedding photography and being one of the best Gatlinburg wedding photographers in the area. Trust us with your wedding and your wedding photographs will tell your love story the way it really happened.