Weddings are one of the few times in any person's life when their entire circle of family and friends gather together to celebrate the love you and your partner share. You're going to be looking your best, and you're going to want to choose the right photographer to capture the day.

Our Fresno wedding photographers at DC Events and Design are the best Fresno has to offer. We specialize in natural light photography and, with our years of experience, you're wedding photographs are going to look simply amazing.

We value the importance of getting to know you, understanding what makes you tick, your personality, your sense of humor, and what kind of wedding you're after. Equipped with the tricks of the photography trade, we're going to tailor the images we take to your preferences. You'll receive a combination of dreamy, fairy tale feel, candid natural looking, gritty organic grain and any other style you may be into.

As photography professionals, we know that not everyone is as confident in front of a camera as they are in front of the bathroom mirror. With our industry knowledge and charisma, we'll get everyone looking their best, arranged how you like, and feeling good about looking great.

Weddings are a hectic day, and we know that you'll be distracted by a million different things. Luckily our photographers will be on hand to capture candid shots, each sweet moment, and all the happy accidents that make weddings what they are.

Your wedding passes by in just a few hours, but with our photography, it lives forever. These pictures will define your married life for years to come. They will warm you when the fires of passion have cooled, and they will help you and your partner keep the commitment you made to each other all those years ago.