Imagine: the variety of beautiful landscapes, glittering skylines, luxury and comfort as far as the eye can see… and you. This is your wedding in Dubai—and we want to help you capture it.

DC Events & Design is a boutique wedding business that started off as a small team of professionals in the US and over the years has grown and spread not only nationally, but internationally. In recent years Dubai has become a second home to us and we could not be happier with each and every opportunity we get to be a part of Dubai weddings!

Our method has and always will be to capture the day—and more importantly present the day—as organically as possible. We are here to capture YOUR love and YOUR story; we work hard to capture what makes each couple unique—we won’t squeeze you into the same old wedding photography poses. Our photographers specialize in capturing the true emotion of each moment and finding moments that are organic and real.

There is nothing more joyous than a beautiful, love-filled wedding day. But the second best thing is gorgeous wedding photos that help you relive it! Our photographers are seasoned professionals that have a true passion for capturing the true essence of each couple on their wedding day. The raw emotions, the candid moments, all of it will be yours to keep forever. 

While we are there to help capture your day, our photographers are also calm and discrete. They are always looking for the perfect shot, the perfect moment to capture, but they won’t get in anyone’s way to do so. They will be there to capture each moment as it is unfolding—and most of the time you won’t even know it because you are so immersed in your special day, just like you should be.

Live in the moment, and then relive it for a lifetime with your beautiful Dubai wedding photos. Let us work with you to capture the distinct magic and majesty of your destination wedding in Dubai. If you are looking to have your wedding filmed as well as photographed be sure to also check out our Dubai wedding videography page at :