Years after your dream wedding, what lasts in your memory may not involve the entire scene. Because of the excitement that occurs each minute of the day, many brides and grooms find themselves forgetting key moments. This is exactly why having an experienced event photographer on scene during the ceremony and reception is ultimately so important.

A destination wedding involves inviting your family, friends and co-workers to join you somewhere across the globe. In addition to spending your wedding day in a distant city, guests are also able to plan their own vacation time. While the new couple enjoys their honeymoon, their guests take some time to relax and explore on their own. This simple act of togetherness brings many families closer together.

Well-meaning and kind-hearted guests will certainly offer to become your wedding photographer. They more than likely own expensive digital cameras and view their personal efforts in photography as more than a hobby. Unfortunately, their photographs are suitable for casual events, but not a once in a lifetime event like a wedding day.

At DC Events and Design, our photography team understands the dynamics of what it takes to be a great destination wedding photographer. If you plan a wedding at the beach or high up in the mountains, our professional photographers are extremely experienced in working with natural light. This assures you that the colors of nature will be abundant and everyone in your photographs will be looking their best.

Photography taken in natural light is especially important for far-off destinations. Weddings held in rustic fields of grain take on a golden hew. Should rain drops fall on your special day, it doesn't matter. A trained photographer is still able to give each shot a dreamy vision of its own and even use the rain to enhance to add to that fairy tale feel.

With experienced destination wedding photographers, weather is never an impediment. On the contrary, it only creates a more incredible environment for us to craft your wedding images. It literally gives new meaning to the phase rain means good luck on your wedding day. Whatever the weather report, our wedding productions seem filled with sunshine.

How else is working with a photographer from DC Events and Design different from working with a standard photographer? Well for one, our photographers capture each image with a very journalistic approach. We view each wedding as the once in a lifetime event that it is. This journalistic approach allows us to capture those candid moments where you think no one is looking. We believe these moments are where the real magic happens. Creating a moment that looks perfect is great but capturing the essence of a perfect moment as it actually happens is even better.

Our photographers understand that both the destination you've chosen and the style you've chosen is of paramount importance. We cover every detail of the day so that you have a photographic record of events to show future generations. Most of the time you will hardly notice our photographers. This allows you to be in the moment and focus on what really matters and at the same time allows us to capture your love in it's truest form. We'd love to talk about the possibility of photographing your destination wedding, wherever it may be!