When considering Charlotte wedding photographers for your wedding, you need an expert you can rely on to make everything just right. The city is a great place for weddings, and you need someone who can capture Charlotte's grace and beauty perfectly. This is something your DC Events & Design, Charlotte wedding photographer is dedicated to doing. Your wedding photos will help tell an important story, and we specialize in capturing those special moments as they occur. Our photographers can capture the fairy tale feel that is especially important with Southern-style weddings. All of the little details you've put into planning your wedding are important, and we're here to make sure everything turns out right.

One thing we do to help ensure that your pictures turn out perfectly is make good use of natural lighting. Natural lighting helps capture a lot of the little details that make your pictures stand out. No matter where in the city you decide to have your wedding, we're right there to make sure everything goes smoothly. We also provide the personal attention that is important to making sure we're fulfilling your needs. No matter how long you've been planning your wedding, you can feel sure that we'll give your photos the appropriate attention to detail.

An important element in many wedding photos is a candid feel that offers a break from formal portraits. Even though you still need to plan how you want your photos taken, candid shots allow you to add some unexpected elements. You can capture funny or touching moments that involve members of the wedding party or other guests. Good planning with your photographer will help you figure out how to best get all of your wedding pictures in a way that suits your style and will be fun to share. Looking back through your wedding photos is not only a good way to remember your celebration, but to enjoy sharing them with others.

Choosing the right photographer for the job helps ensure that your wedding photos are everything you want them to be. Every little detail matters to us, and we'll work hard to make sure that everything that matters most to you is included. Our focus is a journalistic, storytelling one that is easy to adapt to weddings following virtually any theme. No matter what type of wedding you're going to have, we'll have pictures ready that you'll be proud to share with the whole world available to you.