One detail at the top of the wedding planning list is making sure that you capture every important moment. This makes your wedding photographer more than just a person you hire. This person must share your vision for your perfect day, and be able to capture it without interfering or intruding.

Photographers who can blend thoughtfully into the background, yet have a great ability to anticipate candid and special moments are exactly what you want on the day of your wedding. Everyone knows to gather for the walk down the aisle, or cutting the cake, but what about seeing the way the light hits the rings on the pillow, or the bride waiting for her special moment? What about understanding that while the bride is dressing, the mother of the bride is watching with pride and joy? These little details are what turns wedding photos into a complete story.

DC Events and Design photographers are trained in natural light photography, perfect for the landscapes offered in Carmel Valley. Working with natural light lends your pictures a fairy tale feel, something that can capture the real emotions at your wedding instead of that uncomfortable studio feel.

We understand that you put tons of thought into every detail of the wedding; from the way the wedding gown fastens and drapes, to the small flowers in the groom's boutonniere. The colors of the cake, the flowers sprinkled down the aisle, everything is important and we will be there. We can capture the things you tell us, and find ones you didn't know you would be grateful to have.

Our style of shooting is very journalistic. We capture your wedding as the historic event that it is. Years from now, when you share your photos with new friends, or with children and grandchildren, the experience of the wedding will be told as a story for the ages. This is why having the right wedding photography company is so important. We document every special moment so your photos offer you lasting memories of the day that changed your life forever.

You've already made the decision to have your wedding in Carmel Valley because of the natural splendor. The atmosphere matches the way you feel for each other. Instead of worrying that you won't be able to remember every detail, DC Events and Design ensures that your memories will remind you of how you felt that day every single time you look or share a photo. We tell your story through our images. This is what we love to do.