In preparing for your wedding, there are a lot of things you need to consider. Probably, you are now talking with some fashion designers for your wedding dress. You must also be also be reproducing some invitation cards to formally invite your guests.

The most significant factor you are surely considering is where to hold your wedding. What makes it more difficult for you is to find a wedding photographer in that area. To know where you can find the best place and the best photographer for your wedding, DC Events and Design is here to help you.

Where to Hold Your Wedding?

In the US, there are many good places you can choose from to hold your wedding, and one of them is Birmingham Alabama. Many couples choose Birmingham for their wedding because of its friendly and classy environment. When it comes to wedding, Birmingham sets the trend.

There, you can easily plan for your wedding as there are various wedding styles you can have in Birmingham. Whether you like an old-fashioned wedding, a garden wedding, or a country club wedding, Birmingham has all the available resources you need to make it happen. Birmingham boasts of fashion shops, jewelry shops, and that classic southern warmth.

Where to Find the Right Birmingham Wedding Photographer?

If you live outside Birmingham, it might be challenging for you to look for the right photographer in that place. There may be many wedding photographers that may offer you their service, but you will never know if you're getting the perfect one for your wedding.

DC Events and Design recognize such a need, so we want to use our talent, expertise, and experience to help couples in their wedding photography need. We know you need a photographer that is not only good at wedding photography but also specializes in Birmingham photography. This means you will need a wedding photographer who can package the beauty and elegance of Birmingham.

We specialize in natural light photography giving photos that dreamy, fairy tale feel. We also love capturing the details that you put months into preparing. We have a very journalistic approach with weddings; capturing those perfect candid and special moments as they happen.

Our Gallery

DC Events and Design are proud to say who we are, but we are more proud to show you what we have already accomplished. Our gallery includes some of our work from past weddings. These are photos of the actual wedding events we have already served. You can browse and check all of them to see whether or not we are what you are looking for. These are samples of what we do as a professional wedding photographer.


Finding a wedding photographer in Birmingham isn't a problem if you ask DC Events and Design. Nevertheless, you don't need to look elsewhere as we are probably the best photographer you need for your wedding.