On your special day, you'll want memories that you can share and cherish for the rest of your life. Wedding photography is a timeless element of the wedding ceremony and reception, and capturing the magic of each special moment that happens that day is everything.

Big Sur is a place filled with all the natural beauty that California has to offer, and capturing a wedding here is a dream come true for any photographer. DC Events and Design's photography is made for this kind of beauty. In fact, we specialize in capturing natural light, the kind of light that gives photos a dreamy feeling, and infuses simple photographs with all the magic of a fairy tale. Your wedding is like a fairy tale, and our photographs capture that feeling with every image we take.

A wedding doesn't happen over night. Months and months go by as you prepare every single detail for this day. Wedding photography wouldn't be complete if we didn't take the time and care to capture the small moments in between walking down the aisle or throwing the bouquet. There are no moments too small. We take the time and care to capture your wedding down to the little details that will mean so much to you years from now.

Your grandmother's hands on yours. The way the flower girl smiles as her hair is done. A moment of laughter between the groom and his best man. That quiet moment as both the bride and groom fully realize that this day has finally come.

None of these moments will be lost. Our photographs take thoughtful account of your day from start to finish with all the beats in between. When we capture the details, your wedding album will display the love and excitement that happened each time you open the book or share the pictures. Big moments and small, the story of your wedding unfolds with each photograph.

DC Events and Design takes a journalistic approach to capturing weddings. All weddings are unique stories, and our role is to tell that story clearly and with focus. You've already chosen one of the most magical locations you could, Big Sur. Now let us take over capturing each detail so that you can relax and enjoy your special day.

When you know that your photographer is documenting your wedding the same way a historic event would be, it's easier to be in the moment and enjoy all the beauty of your wedding day. Let us give you the gift of being in the present moment during your wedding.