As experienced Asheville wedding photographers, we understand the importance of those moments that you'll treasure as a couple. You've already spent a lot of time planning your wedding so that the right photographer will be one of your finishing touches. With your wedding being of such great importance, it's ideal to find the perfect photographer to help put everything together. Documenting your day together as a story that's told as things unfold is a perfect way to capture the joy of the event. At DC Events & Design, our photographers know how to make everything come together.

As photographers that work around the beautiful locations in Asheville all the time, we know what it takes to help make everything look just right. Many of the locations that couples choose are outdoor and allow us to use natural lighting options to everyone's advantage. The result means pictures that have that unique fairy tale setting that so many couples are looking for. Because utilizing natural lighting provides a softer look, we can provide more pictures of key moments without having to use a lot of extra lighting. You, your wedding party, and all your guests will love the effects that these lighting techniques provide. 

Even though portrait-style photography remains popular, we have found that many couples prefer more candid shots. One of the best things about candid photos is that they allow photographers to capture unexpected events during the wedding as they happen. Couples often enjoy these informal photos because they add an extra element of surprise for those who view the photos. When there are candid shots involved, the couple can look back on some of the moments before and during the service they may have forgotten about. A journalistic approach when it comes to photographing is our favorite for all these reasons. 

Planning your wedding involves a lot of details, but it doesn't have to be stressful. Your photography choices include a lot of options, but knowing how to pick the best photographer makes the entire wedding experience that much more meaningful. The photographs from your wedding will be treasures that you'll want to share with those closest to you. Our photography options will provide you with photo memories that are easily shareable and sure to delight everyone who sees them. Selecting a photographer from DC Events & Design with the right ideas about what it takes to pull together a good photo shoot will help you as you make your plans.